December 26th, 2008

Andre Butzer at Gio Marconi

Artist: Andre Butzer

Venue: Gio Marconi, Milan

Date: November 13, 2008 – January 10, 2009

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Press Release:

On Thursday 12th November, Giò Marconi is pleased to present the solo exhibition of André Butzer.
Ten canvases of huge dimensions will be exhibited on the gallery groundfloor. They propose a meaningful path between abstract and figurative, rendered by his thick, material and in layers painting.

Some of these works, present a monochrome foreground made by different tones of grey, on which cross signs and geometrical forms with strong and sprightly colours can be found. Whereas, in other canvases, intense colours mix themselves giving birth to just hinted characters, hidden geometries blended in a brush works chaos. There will also be the fantastic characters in cartoon style named ‘Friedens-Siemense’, that wander in fictious sceneries made by exuberant colours and that don’t draw away from the new abstract works because, as the artist says: “The so called abstract and figurative paintings are just interchangeable to me, because they have legitimated one another”.

Violent expression, raw style, no artistical training: André Butzer seems to slightly recall the bigs of Outsider Art. Yet he rejects the concept as meaningless stigmatization, instead confronts the mass culture simulating the industrial production, plays the card of seriality against the apparent spontaneousness and originality of Expressionism. André Butzer talks only about ideas associated with Art Brut, defining ‘Fine Art’ his work characterized by colours laid in coarse manner and by an expressionist violence set free through colour.

In balance between American and German culture by reason of a childhood spent in the territories occupied by the American forces, André Butzer, nearly willing to mantain a link with History, moves his studio to Rangsdorf, South of Berlin, in a former airplanes factory once used by German Air Force and then by the Russian one.

In 2006 the gallery hosted the first solo of André Butzer titled N-Leben. The exhibition’s path showed the life of an imaginary city called Nasaheim, where Butzer represents the most obscure and bright aspects of German and American history.

Last March the gallery was the last stage of the collective exhibition ‘Kommando Giotto di Bondone’ wanted and curated by Butzer himself, where a group of artists using different styles inspired itself to Giotto di Bondone as a precusor.

Link: Andre Butzer at Gio Marconi

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