January 27th, 2009

Anya Kielar at Casey Kaplan

Artist: Anya Kielar

Venue: Casey Kaplan, New York

Date: January 8 – February 7, 2009

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Press Release:

Casey Kaplan is pleased to present a solo exhibition of New York artist, Anya Kielar, in Gallery I. Kielar creates collages, and works on paper called “sprayograms” that focus on the female form. Reminiscent of Metaphysical art, Kielar’s work draws connections between everyday objects, art, and its maker.

Kielar’s multi-dimensional compositions begin with a logic system of form and color. She then incorporates a specific selection of inanimate objects with lineages to artifacts from ancient civilizations, the culture of fashion, and folk art. Literally created from Kielar’s material possessions – shoes, gloves, clothes, and accessories – female figures from her imagination take form.

Her works on paper, the sprayograms, are conceptually based in photography. On life-size sheets of paper, Kielar uses monochromatic airbrushed paint to spray over the carefully placed objects. The white paper becomes the positive space of the image. Visually suggestive of photomontage and photographic negatives, the traces leave behind a floating abyss of appendages and skeletons. In Window Sprayogram, 2008, fabrics are skin textures, pearl necklaces outline the eyes of Egyptian-like profiles, and lace gloves come alive as hands.

Kielar’s three-dimensional collages, scaled to the human body, are large and open shadowboxes that utilize the objects from the sprayograms to physically compose the female characters confined within them. Like severed marionettes, the uncanny women are frozen and on display as the Other. As her counterparts, Kielar’s works question female identity and carve an avant-garde niche with their process and aesthetic.

Anya Kielar received a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University in 2005 and has had previous solo exhibitions at Daniel Reich Gallery, NY. Recent group exhibitions include, “PM Dawn”, Taxter and Spengemann, NY and “How to Build a Fire”, Rivington Arms, NY. In 2007, Kielar was included in the Inaugural exhibition, “An Archeology”, Project Space 176, of the Zabludowicz Collection in London, United Kingdom.

Link: Anya Kielar at Casey Kaplan

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