January 18th, 2009

Florian Morlat at Ben Kaufmann

Artist: Florian Morlat

Venue: Ben Kaufmann, Berlin

Exhibition Title: 1-2-5

Date: January 10 – February 28, 2009

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Images courtesy Ben Kaufmann, Berlin.

Press Release:

The Gallery Ben Kaufmann is presenting Florian Morlat’s latest works in the exhibition “1-2-5”. Even pieces of wood, body of ceramic, bricks or pieces of palm bark are spread out on wide fabric. Sculptures as groups of bent wood pillars are ascending in front of the fabric pieces. These very sculptures are covered with cone shaped or triangular fabrics.

The objects are apart from any illusion or clear references. They appear bold and direct to the viewer. Hard, compact and heavy substances contrast with soft, flexible and light material. Closed and geometric forms are in opposition to open, ephemeral or fragmentary ones. The material does not appear archaic but as standard fabric industrially manufactured as you get it in a hardware store. Usually such material covers skin or is used as building material and is therefore necessary part of human civilization.

Unlike Florian Morlat’s former work, that dealt with simple geometric forms, the shapes in his new work are more open and equivocal. Though, they act like familiar, basic patterns, that can be associated with comics of 60ties-mop-tops, bell-bottoms or psychedelic design. Geometric basic forms and basic material of civilization are complemented by means of basal signs. The forms of appearance of these signs attest to forms of mainstream as the nature of the building centre materials show their origin in mass production.
At the end of the day, the exhibition “1-2-5” by Florian Morlat implicates a new version of the west coast groove.

Link: Florian Morlat at Ben Kaufmann

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