February 4th, 2009

“Catawampus (for H. D.)” at Midway Contemporary Art

Artists: Shannon Ebner, Richard Aldrich, Ann Craven, Amy Granat and Matt Keegan, Michael Queenland, Nancy de Holl

Venue: Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis

Exhibition Title: Catawampus (for H. D.)

Date: November 8, 2008 – January 17, 2009

Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump.


Images courtesy Midway Contemporary, Minneapolis

Press Release:

We are very excited to present Catawampus (for H.D.) at Midway Contemporary Art. After a
successful exhibition at Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago last year, we have scaled up and
tailored this installment for Midway’s galleries. A project that began as a conversation between
friends, has led to an unexpected Midwestern tour. All seven of us hope to cause shifts in
perspective by presenting work that defies material expectations and complicates traditional
notions of authorship. Together, we have traveled to Minneapolis (from New York and LA) to
create a truly crooked show.
C A T A W A M P U S (a term used for diagonal, crooked, in a diagonal position or arrangement)
In varying configurations, this group of artists (including Amy and Matt) have exhibited together
and collaborated on projects prior to this show. The dialogues around the work bounce off and
bisect the space and the pages of the Catawampus publication.
In the spirit of celebrating the corners, the catty-corner, the cat, and the joy of organizing artists,
as artists, we would like to thank:
John and Megan at Midway
Shane and Jules and Felix and Avery (for making this tour possible)
Susan Barber
Anthony Huberman
Shane Campbell Gallery
D’Amelio Terras
Harris Lieberman Gallery
Taxter and Spengemann Gallery

Wallspace Gallery

Matt and Amy thank one another, and especially thank the other artists in the show.

Link: “Catawampus (for H. D.)” at Midway Contemporary

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