June 16th, 2009

Ei Arakawa at Taka Ishii

Ei Arakawa at Taka Ishii

Artist: Ei Arakawa

Venue: Taka Ishii, Kyoto

Exhibition Title: Liaison, a Naive Pacifist

Date: May 8 – June 13, 2009

Ei Arakawa at Taka Ishii

Ei Arakawa at Taka Ishii

Ei Arakawa at Taka Ishii

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Images courtesy Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo and Kyoto. Photos by Naoko Tamura

Press Release:

Ei Arakawa “Liaison, a Naïve Pacifist”

I went on a cruise around the world in 1996. I recall that I was a naïve pacifist.

For this show, I will do several performances with the friends and acquaintances I met on that cruise. We will reenact my past performances for two or three days before the opening (my performance is usually involved with a group of people). These will be private performances, but there will be editions of posters for these events. Most of these friends have never seen my work. These will not be perfect reenactments. We will use the gallery’s stairs, storage, and lift as stages. Someone will photograph these reenactments, and I will print them out on large sheets of paper, black and white. These photocopies might be used to cover up the floor. In the video gallery, I will project a video of elements from these reenactments, such as the various structures which result.

I was rallying outside when the Japanese embassy in Peru was being occupied by MRTA (Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement).

At first, this show will appear as a retrospective, then as all new work. These work completed in two or three days are affected by the accumulation of several years.

I am a liaison.

(NOTE: not between MRTA and outside)

I wonder if I can borrow Silke’s paintings? Instead of a big performance at the opening, I could do an announcement performance with Sam for 10 min or so. We may need a copy machine. This series of reenactments is almost a world circumscribed.

Liaison, a Naïve Pacifist (Or, perhaps a cruise).

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Link: Ei Arakawa at Taka Ishii

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