August 2nd, 2009

Daniel Richter at CFA Berlin

Daniel Richter at Contemporary Fine Arts

Artist: Daniel Richter

Venue: Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin

Exhibition Title: Oh La La

Date: June 19 – August 1, 2009

Daniel Richter at Contemporary Fine Arts

Daniel Richter at Contemporary Fine Arts

Daniel Richter at Contemporary Fine Arts

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Images courtesy Contemporary Fine Arts, Belin

Press Release:

Contemporary Fine Arts is pleased to announce the solo exhibition ‘oh la la’ with new works by Daniel Richter at the gallery Am Kupfergraben 10.

After having started out with abstract paintings, since the turn of the millennium Daniel Richter has devoted himself to figurative compositions. The paintings of previous years had rather large formats, appropriate for their themes, and were read by many as history paintings: now he has turned to a smaller format.

‘The simple black and white of thinking and the northern European terminal moraine landscape, why do people want to go there? if they are not from there, which role do they get? do they play being exotic or a threat? fleeting and dangerous endangered people in the wall park of the monument for the soviet

soldier, rain, snow, and bad mood. memories of the gdr and the view from here to over there are coloured sentimentally, probably thanks to the recent whiny reporting, fortunately I can cling to the world spirit and its opponents, certainly a sufficiently disavowed construct which, however, against my better judgment, fills me with optimism. by the way, does the world spirit have short hair and carry a

kalashnikov, or does he wear tribals and fender ibanez? how should i know? apart from that, there is still this comfort: the eternal pliocene, miocene, the earth makes its crispy round and lets me admire its meaningless beauty. unless I happen to be hungry. yesterday for lunch we only had gdr&frg again, well, the hunger forces it down.’ (Daniel Richter)

Daniel Richter achieves a conceptual coup by exhibiting exceptionally rare minerals which, as objets trouvés, enter into a surprising dialogue with the paintings.

Daniel Richter was born in 1962 in Eutin, he lives in Hamburg and Berlin. This year’s exhibition with new works is Daniel Richter’s sixth solo show at Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin. Contemporary Fine Arts has been representing the artist exclusively since 1995.

We would like to thank the Hamburger Mineralienzentrum Andreas Guhr for their co-operation.

Link: Daniel Richter at CFA Berlin

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