November 6th, 2009

“The Importance of Zebra Fish” at Pilar Parra & Romero

"The Importance of Zebra Fish" at Pilar Parra & Romero

Artists: Leonor Antunes, Sara Barker, Tom Burr, Gianni Caravaggio, Thea Djordjadze, Lara Favaretto, Marcius Galan, Ian Kiaer, Kris Martin, Damian Ortega, Gedi Sibony

Venue: Pilar Parra & Romero, Madrid

Exhibition Title: The Importance of Zebra Fish

Date: September 17 – November 21, 2009

"The Importance of Zebra Fish" at Pilar Parra & Romero

"The Importance of Zebra Fish" at Pilar Parra & Romero

"The Importance of Zebra Fish" at Pilar Parra & Romero

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Images courtesy of Pilar Parra & Romero, Madrid

Press Release:

Pilar Parra & Romero is pleased to present The Importance of Zebra Fish, a collective show by Diego Santome? that moves indirectly between the boundaries of 60’s and 70’s minimal and conceptual art. This is why we borrow motifs and strategies from this confrontation, in order to find ways to articulate the works within the changing conditions of today’s society.

The artists proposed for this show preferably work with simple and everyday materials where flexibility, expansion, weight, gravity, pressure and traction emerge as sculptural aspects that are at the same time basic and unstable leading to a discrete and austere formal elaboration. This sculptural aspects focus on the objects and their trace as medium to define society and its cultural orientation within a determined context. It is here precisely where we find a common denominator with the dialectic approaches confronted in the 60’s and 70’s that constitute our starting point for this show.

Fluctuating between abstraction and figurative representation, as well as approaching everyday and close subjects, these common places allow each artist to examine forms and ideas in the border between industrial object from minimal art and immateriality from conceptual art. Therefore the group of works creates associated narratives with new layers of meaning and silently oppose towards the trend of making art into a show.

Zebra Fish The zebra fish is a small, insignificant fish that constitutes an important key to scientific progress within genetics. His organic simplicity allows studying his reproduction over several generations very quickly.

It symbolizes that which is minimal and simple, it goes unnoticed but is nevertheless very important as it can create a profound reflection, evoking big changes and it makes great advances in this discipline’s thought.

Duchamp’s “Urinal”, Manzoni’s “Artist’s shit”, Robert Smithson’s “Spiral jetty”, Gordon Matta-Clark’s “Baroque office” and Richard Long’s “A line made by walking” would therefore be perfect examples of zebra fishes.

Link: “The Importance of Zebra Fish” at Pilar Parra & Romero

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