March 22nd, 2010

Josh Tonsfeldt at Franco Soffiantino

Artist: Josh Tonsfeldt

Venue: Franco Soffiantino, Turin

Exhibition Title: 4: Cat – Cos

Date: February 18 – May 1, 2010

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Images courtesy of Franco Soffiantino Gallery, Turin. Hat tip: Max.

Press Release:

Franco Soffiantino Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition 4: Cat – Cos by Josh Tonsfeldt. This is the first European solo show of the American artist and will include videos, photographs, sculpture, and subtle transformations of the gallery space.

The title of the exhibition is taken from a photograph of an abandoned space the artist often passes on walks near his studio. In the image a bundle of encyclopedias rest among a pile of garbage. The juxtaposition of two types of archives within the image – the encyclopedia as an alphabetical ordering of ideas, things, and places, and the garbage pile as an erratic accumulation of waste – might provide an oblique entry point to the larger circulation of works within the exhibition.

While much of Tonsfeldt’s work comes from his daily experience, it is in no way a “snapshot” of any particular activity. To this end he does not tie his projects to a specific subject, preferring instead to establish his sensibility and logic anew with each potential gesture. Scenes and figures are drawn into an unscripted collage of sound and vision. At its root lies a curiosity with the material world, a refusal to accept processes as a given, and an interest in bringing to the surface the subjective opacity of memory, association and desire.

Link: Josh Tonsfeldt at Franco Soffiantino

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