April 7th, 2010

Liam Gillick at Kerlin

Artist: Liam Gillick

Venue: Kerlin Gallery, Dublin


Date: March 25 – May 1, 2010

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Images courtesy of Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

Press Release:

I was a car worker. Best damn car-maker in the city. I made twenty-four cars a week. Twenty-four! Today sixteen is a big deal. My Grandmother could make sixteen cars a week. You think I lie!

Easy Doris. Let the man enjoy his beer.

For his second exhibition at the Kerlin Gallery, Liam Gillick presents ‘SEVEN STRUCTURES AND A LARGE VODKA SODA…’ The exhibition is a development of one component of his 2008 ‘retrospective’ exhibition ‘Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario’. An essential element of his reconsideration of how to formulate a retrospective was the production of new work for the Kunstverein in Munich. The resulting work: ‘Mirrored Image: A Volvo Bar’ (2008) takes place in a bar next to a Volvo factory. Various scenarios play out concerning teamwork, post-Taylorist working practice and the idea of a society that is supposed to be ‘beyond crisis’ facing a series of problems that go far beyond the production of cars alone.

For the Kerlin Gallery seven new abstract wall structures have been produced, providing variants of subtle tone and scale. These are combined with a large Vodka Soda, standing isolated and untouched in the centre of the gallery.

Liam Gillick is an artist based in London and New York. Solo exhibitions include ‘The Wood Way’, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2002); ‘A short text on the possibility of creating an economy of equivalence’, Palais de Tokyo, (2005) and the retrospective project ‘Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario’, Witte de With, Rotterdam, Kunsthalle Zurich and MCA Chicago (2008-2010). He was nominated for the Turner Prize (2002) and the Vincent Award at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (2008). Many public commissions and projects include the Home Office in London (2005) and the Dynamica Building in Guadalajara, Mexico (2009). In 2006 he was a co-founder of the free art school project unitednationsplaza in Berlin that travelled to Mexico City. Liam Gillick has published a number of texts that function in parallel to his artwork. ‘Proxemics’ (Selected writing 1988-2006) JRP-Ringier was published in 2007 alongside the monograph ‘Factories in the Snow’ by Lilian Haberer, JRP-Ringier. A critical reader titled ‘Meaning Liam Gillick’, was published by MIT Press (2009). An anthology of his artistic writing titled ‘Allbooks’ was also published by Book Works, London (2009). In addition he has contributed to many art magazines and journals including Parkett, Frieze, Art Monthly, October and Art Forum.

Liam Gillick was selected to represent Germany for the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009. A major exhibition of his work opens at the Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in April 2010. He has taught at Columbia University in New York since 1997.

Link: Liam Gillick at Kerlin Gallery

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