August 3rd, 2010

“Held Up By Columns” at Renwick Gallery

Artists: Becca Albee, Eric Anglès, Julieta Aranda, Kerstin Brätsch, Sarah Charlesworth, Jacob Dyrenforth, Jeremy Everett, Nikolas Gambaroff, Robert Gober, Kim Gordon, Joseph Grigely, Karl Haendel, Patrick Hill, Christian Holstad, Matt Keegan, Michael Krebber, Jason Loebs, Dave McKenzie, Ulrike Müller and Carola Dertnig, Florian Morlat, Matt Mullican, Murad Khan Mumtaz, Martha Rosler, Al Ruppersberg, Kate Shepherd, Paul Sietsema, Al Taylor, Paul Thek, Wolfgang Tillmans, Gabriel Vormstein, Kelley Walker, Jordan Wolfson, Amy Yao

Venue: Renwick Gallery, New York

Exhibition Title: Held Up By Columns

Date: July 8 – August 6, 2010

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Images courtesy of Renwick Gallery, New York

Press Release:

Renwick Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition Held Up By Columns. The exhibition will have an opening reception on Thursday, July 8th from 6 to 8pm.

The Newspaper is a ticker tape of the stock of our societies. It cascades the events of the cities into the country. It cascades the events of their countries into our city. It is held up by columns. Circulation, the essential technique of today, is the old method of the newspaper. Yet few documents so inspired become so obsolete, so quick, so cyclical as the newspaper. They are witness of the day, yesterday always by their nature. They age in the sun, like those who write them and those for whom and about whom they are written. The nature of the material itself is meant to be left behind, it is frail, and bleeds copy onto the hands of its beholder. It folds everything into itself.

Held Up By Columns is an exhibition of artworks which utilize the newspaper. This utilization occurs across a broad range of techniques; from it’s material presence in collages and paintings; to its surfacing as imagery in photographs, prints and other media; to its functions, structures, and formats serving as a model for how an artwork is created and exhibited. The newspaper’s widespread availability and the supposed ubiquity of its coverage ensure it as a form of Everymaterial. It’s appearance as the thread for an exhibition is not exactly an exaltation nor an epitaph of the medium, but just a herald of its usage.

Link: “Held Up By Columns” at Renwick Gallery

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