September 24th, 2010

Annelies Oberdanner at Layr Wuestenhagen

Artist: Annelies Oberdanner

Venue: Layr Wuestenhagen, Vienna

Exhibition Title: Noise

Date: September 9 – October 16, 2010

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Images courtesy of Layr Wuestenhagen, Vienna

Press Release:

In the current exhibition Annelies Oberdanner is showing paintings, sculptures and objets trouvés.

Some of these pieces reflect a multi-layered interplay of her memories and intentions, together with the input of the unconscious in her objects. Other works draw on cultural knowledge and technical expertise, that is, the conscious act visible in the deliberate production of an object.

Making the viewer aware of the corporeal aspect of her work seems to be the intention underlying all of the pieces in this exhibition, as for instance, the three variations of a figure grouped together on a pedestal. The figure that can be discerned only vaguely in the holiday photo by means of the back light was made three-dimensional, with all imperfections in the picture rendered in sculptural form. The photograph is produced by means of a photoshop filter: “add noise”, a technical or calculated picture hangs on the wall as an iris print. The title of the exhibition – “noise”- has also been derived from this approach. Noise, more specifically, pictorial noise is a phenomenon of interference found in digital imagery, which can be corrected by means of an image-processing program. Applied to this exhibition, each of the individual pictures or objects represents a noise that can change the perception of a different object in the space.

The various ways of objectification are just as much a theme as the interwoven connections or the context, with the latter emerging here as an equally fragile object or as one in a state of transformation.

Link: Annelies Oberdanner at Layr Wuestenhagen

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