October 8th, 2010

Petra Lindholm at Franco Soffiantino

Artist: Petra Lindholm

Venue: Franco Soffiantino, Turin

Date: September 14 – October 23, 2010

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Images courtesy of Franco Soffiantino, Turin

Press Release:

The work of the Finnish artist Petra Lindholm is prevalently focused on the use of video as a means of expression. Her films do not have a structured storyline and are tales based on the subtle nuances of colours and emotions portrayed. Extremely intimate and sophisticated dimensions that are able to conjure up atmospheres of tension and settings that appear trite only on the surface but are actually capable of setting off a subtle short-circuit between the real and the unreal. The enchanting images of her works are then complemented by an important element, the soundtrack: a combination of environmental sounds and noises that are in turn enriched by the music and lyrics composed and performed by the artist herself. In this second solo exhibition at Galleria Franco Soffiantino, Petra Lindholm widens her means of expression, combining video, photography and pottery. Three different ways of telling the poetic and subtle story of Ann- Marie and Mr. Obolensky.

“My grandfather’s aunt Ann-Marie was engaged to a Russian man called Mr. Obolenski. He came for visits and all the women in the house were amused by his presence. Later on he had to escape, due to the war. He went to Paris and Ann-Marie was left behind, she never saw him or heard from him again. She got ill, her lungs were weak, her family took her to a sanatorium.

The photos in the exhibition were taken by her about 100 years ago. She took many photos during her stay in the Alps, almost always the same grey and misty view.

This is what she wrote from the mountains:

At some point before I reach a peak, I can see exactly how much further I have to travel, I have a good idea of how much more effort is still needed before I reach my goal. Then when I finally reach the peak, It feels like resting in a space between earth and heaven. I reached my goal. But am I happier, healthier?

The mountain gave me peace for a moment, but soon I want to descend on the other side, I have no experience of what it’s like to descend the other side of the mountain. All my concentration was focused on the route up.

The backside of the mountain is where all the true mysteries reside.

Link: Petra Lindholm at Franco Soffiantino

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