December 20th, 2010

Lin May at Thomas Flor

Artist: Lin May

Venue: Thomas Flor, Dusseldorf

Exhibition Title: Liberation

Date: November 6 – December 23, 2010

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Images courtesy of Galerie Thomas Flor, Dusseldorf


Excerpt #1

Antispe Kongress 2008 Gathering of the animal rights and liberation movements theory, praxis, discourse, concerts, food

Programme / Introduction

Dear all,

Welcome to the Antispe Congress 2008! We’re glad you made it here! We’ve tried our best to give you as varied a programme as possible, to meet in appropriate accommodation and to provide tasty food. And now it’s over to you: at the info-point, you can express your wishes and find out where help is still needed. Because: without your help, nothing in this gathering will work. If no one helps to make sandwich spreads, there will be nothing to put on your bread in the morning. Simple as that. We’re looking forward to an exciting few days with you!

Info point Any problems finding places? Want to know more about the crèche? Have you reserved beds and want to know where to find them? Do you need any help, although we have aimed for the premises to be barrier-free? The info-point is there for these or other problems and questions. The info-point is occupied outside of workshop times; during workshops you can go to the bar with any queries.

Times Breakfast: daily from 9am-1pm (suggestion €1.50) Lunch: daily from 12.30 – 2.30pm (suggestion €1.50) Dinner: daily from 6.30 – 8.00pm (suggestion €2) Workshops: daily from 10.30-12.30; 2.00-4.00; 4.30-6.30 (except Sunday) Time for self-organised networking: Friday and Sunday from 8.00pm Evening programme: Thursday and Friday from 9.00pm, Saturday from 10.00pm

Excerpt #2

The Green Scare hits Continental Europe: State repression against the animal rights and animal liberation movement. Attacks on freedom in times of totalitarian economics and new technologies of control and surveillance (movement and discourse /theory of practice)

Melanie Bujok UJZ Korn Konzertraum

The massive attack by the alliance of animal exploitation industries and the state authorities on the animal rights movement came preannounced. At least since the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act was passed in 2006 in the USA, the political persecution of animal rights activists using police, secret services and legal measures began, even where no crimes had been committed. Since the arrest of seven US activists from the SHAC campaign, social movements are beginning to speak of a Green Scare – the attack on the animal rights and environmental movements with the intent of weakening them politically and leaving them unable to work. In the UK the state repression against people who engage against animal exploitation has culminated in the stigmatisation of animal rights activities as terrorist acts. A newly created Terrorism Act 2000 and further changes to the law allow an expansion of investigation and penal action under the title of the fight against terror. Now the Green Scare has reached mainland Europe, with the arrest and remand of ten activists in Austria in May of this year. It is to be expected that a similar attack is planned in Germany. This repression is bound up with a second batch of measures by industry and its accomplices in authority, which prepared and accompanied the attack: the dilution and suspension of fundamental rights and freedoms. The surveillance state is everywhere becoming reality to enable a complete recording and disciplining of people’s activities, especially those of political dissidents. In Germany over the past decades comprehensive security measures and laws have been implemented to the same aims, with varying detrimental effects on the informational self-determination of those targeted. From the acoustic surveillance of homes, dragnet investigations, the biometric passport, the road toll system and other methods of license plate data collection, RFID chips, online observation, retention of telecommunications data to DNA tests; the private sphere, personal rights and human dignity again stand to disposition.

What does the development of a new constitutional law for security mean for the everyday reality of the people living here? What will the impact be especially on the animal rights movement’s work, if we follow Kai Rogusch’s thesis that with the new security laws, a new “enemy’s law in internal affairs” has been developed, which endangers the “idea of a juristic federation of free and equal persons, based on the principles of universality”; and that “by autocratic predetermination” “special factions” are identified (eg animal rights activists), who are from then on denied certain human rights? The talk will attempt to elaborate on these questions. It will attempt to give a general impression of the security laws, which have been passed in Germany over the past few years, as well as the associated surveillance techniques. It will also take a look at the USA and Great Britain to explore the background of Green Scare and to predict developments here.

Excerpt #3

Riding attempts with fatal outcome

Man on >> Lion – Duration ca. 2 seconds

>> Ostrich – throws man off at high speed. Man suffers a few small abrasions; resulting in infection with bird-flu virus > immune system collapses

>> Stag – runs like lightning through the woods > man succeeds in holding on to the antlers and sitting more or less upright > stag runs under a branch, which hits human exactly in the head. Variation: Stag lowers head at high speed and then comes to a sudden halt > Reciprocal penetration of man and antlers

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