January 23rd, 2011

Joe Bradley at Gavin Brown

Artist: Joe Bradley

Venue: Gavin Brown, New York

Exhibition Title: Mouth and Foot Painting

Date: January 8 – February 19, 2011

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Images courtesy of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York

Press Release:

On the can, waiting for a sign.  If there’s one thing seems I’ve got going for me, it’s this.  I can do it for hours on end.  Hunched over the crossword like a big cat, eyes fixed on it’s prey (just kidding…) and after a while it becomes absurd, so I leave.  A half hour later, the mark realizes no ones home and shrugs the whole thing off.  “Paranoia” he says “must be some bad shit… Stood still all day for nothing.”  It’s like my mother said, “I am waiting for God to show me his face.”  Snatches of him through the brush, an odd reflection in the water… I imagine God as a beautiful woman with his teeth kicked out.  The rose and the prick create a problem, a sort of feed back loop… You can look and look and never learn a thing.

Link: Joe Bradley at Gavin Brown

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