January 19th, 2011

“You and Now” at Balice Hertling

Artists: Tauba Auerbach, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Camilla Løw, Collier Schorr, Oscar Tuazon, Sebastian Wickeroth

Venue: Balice Hertling, Paris

Exhibition Title: You and Now

Date: December 16, 2010 – February 5, 2011

Curated By: Hannes Hetta

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Images courtesy of  Balice Hertling, Paris

Press Release:

Notes for possible narratives:

I see the future very brightly

Chaos and Randomness.

“Yeah, things can’t change if they aren’t scrambled a bit.”

Turning the soil to regenerate growth.

You could think about a phase transition in physics. The common example is the boiling point: it’s the point when two phases of a substance like liquid and vapor have equal energies and are equally likely to exist. So it’s this moment of possibility, this critical point right before something changes.


Destruction vs. Reconstruction.

-This in between state has so much potential. you get a glimpse of it once the given is ripped open and before some other system is imposed.

“It cracks randomly. “

This is not about negation. you can see the potential in between the cracks.

-Big raw virile hunks of material.  so sexual, both masculine and feminine. Machines that don’t work. Fragile. Repaired. Reinforced. Raw hunks of material that become exposed. You see their weakness coming through.

Construction of the deconstructed form.

Of course there is something about adolescence here.

“A grid is an imposed state of order. The perfect representation of order. The grid of representation “

– I anticipate an outbreak in the years to come.


Link: “You and Now” at Balice Hertling

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