February 16th, 2011

Eva Löfdahl at Moderna Museet

Artist: Eva Löfdahl

Venue: Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Exhibition Title: The Whirling Box or from Foot to Toe

Date: February 5 – March 1, 2011

Curated by: Ann-Sofi Noring

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Images courtesy of Moderna Museet, Stockholm. Photos by Albin Dahlström

Press Release:

Eva Löfdahl (b 1953) is one of Sweden’s most important contemporary artists. Since her debut, more than three decades ago, she has created varieties of paradoxical metaphors, challenging our habitual way of seeing things, in the form of sculptures, objects, paintings and drawings shown in exhibitions, or works made specifically for a particular public site.

The exhibition at Moderna Museet is a retrospective, and yet exceedingly contemporary. Eva Löfdahl has created a comprehensive new work, an installation where tentacles, antennae and building modules branch out into a spatial structure incorporating earlier works. The installation is a site in itself and incorporates several temporal levels with varying content. Low-energy and dynamics. Universal and applied models. Development and proto-states.

Her observations of a variety of conditions are materialised in work categories such as souls, homes, war monuments and emblems. Her choice of material is primarily a choice of work method to formulate content. Eva Löfdahl has an unerring ability to express the enigmatic in permanent works. She is inscrutable yet perfectly straight-forward.

A richly illustrated catalogue will be published in conjunction with the exhibition, with essays by Jo Applin, art historian, Catharina Gabrielsson, architectural theorist, and the exhibition curator Ann-Sofi Noring, Moderna Museet. Graphic design by Anders Ljungman.

Link: Eva Löfdahl at Moderna Museet

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