February 19th, 2011

The First Season of the Artist’s Institute with Robert Filliou

Artists: Robert Filliou, Lutz Bacher, Gerry Bibby, Michael Krebber, Andy Kaufman, Paul Chan, Oscar Tuazon, Michael E. Smith, Joseph Grigely, Ajay Kurian and Anicka Yi, Uri Aran and Liam Gillick, Julia Robinson

Venue: The Artist’s Institute, New York

Exhibition Title: The First Season: Robert Filliou

Date: October 2010 – January 17, 2011

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Images courtesy of the Artist’s Institute, New York

Press Release:

This is The Artist’s Institute. Welcome. Here, we divide the year into two seasons, dedicate each one to thinking about a single artist, and look at the broader context of contemporary art through the lens of that artist’s work.

The small selection of artworks by our anchor artist remains on view and provides a steady reference point you will encounter again and again. Considering the work in today’s context, we juxtapose this artist with a rotating series of loosely associated exhibitions and events by other relevant artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, or thinkers from all over the world. Some of these projects last a few hours, while others last a few weeks, and each one ensures that our interpretations remain fluid, active, and constantly renewed.

Under the umbrella of Hunter College, we’re translating the learning- and research-based nature of an educational institution into an associative and open curatorial model where existing knowledge is tested, complicated, and propelled elsewhere. Rooted in ongoing discussions in a graduate seminar at Hunter but based in a storefront space on the Lower East Side, The Artist’s Institute involves both the rigor of sustained and thorough inquiry, and the dynamic and nimble spirit of exhibition-making.

For our first season, we thought about the artist Robert Filliou.

Link: The First Season of the Artist’s Institute

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