March 6th, 2011

Pentti Monkkonen at New Jerseyy

Artist: Pentti Monkkonen

Venue: New Jerseyy, Basel

Exhibition Title: Crawfish Bisque

Date: February 18 – March 12, 2011

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Images courtesy of New Jerseyy, Basel

Press Release:

Pentti Monkkonen (*1975) is an American artist living in Los Angeles. His exhibition at New Jerseyy presents four pieces including a series of silk screens. The Soup Can Cinema is the central piece, a combination of a water tower and a soup can with a neoclassical interior. Screened inside of this sculpture, a four minute movie entitled Crawfish Bisque shows a miniature steamboat trip on a creek followed by a picnic (also available on youtube). The second piece is a picnic basket that folds out flat with a gingham quilt and ceramic dolls attached to it. The basket, along with the Soup Can Cinema, is featured in the film. Another element, the Carpet Bag, is a long, horizontal tapestry depicting native wild flowers and scenes from the film. Carpet Bag was manufactured by a digital weaving company in the Southern United States. It refers to the “carpet baggers” of the post civil war era and to 19th century traveling. Each object displays its own narrative about fabrics, leisure and production and connect to each other through the river as shown in the film, functioning itself as a digital tapestry. Finally, the series of silk screened Soup Can Labels repeat the image of a crawfish riding a chariot.

Link: Pentti Monkkonen at New Jerseyy

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