May 16th, 2011

Elad Lassry at Francesca Pia

Artist: Elad Lassry

Venue: Francesca Pia, Zürich

Date: May 7 – June 25, 2011

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Images courtesy of Francesca Pia, Zürich. Installation views by Stefan Altenburger.

Press Release:

Galerie Francesca Pia is very pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Elad Lassry. Always seeking to expand notions of what an image can be, Lassry produces pictures that escape their indexical relationships by highlighting their formal properties and by opening the way for questions regarding their connection to specific cultural contexts. The pictures become sites where an image becomes a mere object, and thus places where Lassry questions the fundamental conditions of seeing.

In the current exhibition, wall-based sculptural objects that resemble cabinets call to mind several properties (size ratios, seriality, and modularity) characteristic of Lassry’s pictures. However, the apparent utility of the cabinets as vessels allows them to be read as paradoxes, photographs that have been fleshed out as objects but evacuated as representations. Simultaneously, as they have all the components necessary to function as displays, they deny the possibility of a purely formal reading. It is unclear whether they are representations of cabinets, actual cabinets, or representations of something else.

The cabinets are juxtaposed with a series of charcoal drawings of decorative objects. Instead of an engagement with the history of charcoal drawing, the technique is employed to render pictures that have escaped the occasions of their creation. Like the decorations they depict, they suggest their own replaceability. A tension is created between their status as ephemeral placeholders and as singularly produced drawings. In the larger context of Lassry’s practice, they also seem to stand in for photographs. Where these drawn pictures remain, the photographs are absent. We are left with pictures of pictures.

Elad Lassry’s work will also be seen this summer in ILLUMInations, the exhibition curated by Bice Curiger for the 2011 Venice Biennale. This year his work has been or will be included in Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2011, The Photographers’ Gallery, London; The Anxiety of Photography, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, Colorado; Secret Societies, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt and CAPC de Bordeaux, Bordeaux; Untitled (Evidence), The David Roberts Art Foundation, London; and Time Again, curated by Fionn Meade, Sculpture Center, New York. In 2010 Lassry’s work was the subject of solo exhibitions at Kunsthalle Zurich and the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis.

Link: Elad Lassry at Francesca Pia

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