May 29th, 2011

“Impossible Vacation” at White Flag Projects

Artists: Tommy Hartung, Thomas Helbig, Tony Matelli, Lin May, John McAllister, Scott Olson, Virginia Overton, Mitzi Pederson

Venue: White Flag Projects, St. Louis

Exhibition Title: Impossible Vacation

Date: May 7 – June 4, 2011

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Images courtesy of White Flag Projects, St. Louis

Press Release:

“Impossible Vacation” attempts to assert the primacy of the artist, proposing a reduced curatorial role in mediating the interaction between art and its audience. Discarding any organizing construct and foregrounding discrete artworks, this exhibition urges each contributions independent consideration, unencumbered by any edict or secondary scholarship. “Impossible Vacation” sees the gallery space as a simple machine for the transmission of art to the viewer, declining to contrive connections or contextualize the works on view beyond the terms defined by the artists themselves. In adopting this institutional distance, the artworks and the exhibition are freed from superfluous interpretation, cultivating fuller experiences of uncertainty and understanding without capitulating to expectations for articulated linearity, resolution, or codification.

Link: “Impossible Vacation” at White Flag Projects

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