September 21st, 2011

Klara Liden at Moderna Museet

Artist: Klara Liden

Venue: Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Date: May 14 – October 9, 2011

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Images courtesy of Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Press Release:

Klara Lidén (b. 1979) initially studied architecture before switching to art. Her fascination for urban planning remains, and she now combines social activism, performance actions and film-making with large-scale installations. Her work is mainly characterised by explorations of the physical and mental boundaries of the public and private spaces we inhabit.

Her projects include building a secret domicile out of waste material on the river Spree in Berlin, constructing images out of layer upon layer of found advertising posters, operating an alternative, free postal service in Stockholm, and performing a frantic dance among the passengers on a commuter train.

In recent years, Lidén has won wide international acclaim. In 2007, Moderna Museet showed her installation Unheimlich Manöver. For this work, she emptied her 30 sqm flat of all its furniture, kitchen utensils and knickknacks and used them to build a structure.

For the current exhibition she effects an architectonic rebuilding of the exhibition space, in which her videos and installations from 2003 and onwards will also be shown.


Link: Klara Liden at Moderna Museet

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