November 24th, 2011

Reena Spaulings at Indipendenza Studio

Artist: Reena Spaulings

Venue: Indipendenza Studio, Rome

Exhibition Title: More Michael Paintings

Date: October 27, 2011 – January 14, 2012

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Images courtesy of Indipendenza Studio, Rome

Press Release:

Indipendenza Studio is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition, “More Michael Paintings,” by the New York-based artist Reena Spaulings.

“More Michael Paintings” is a sequel to “Michael,” an exhibition which took place at Galerie Meyer Kainer (Vienna) in March 2011. For these two exhibitions, Spaulings has commissioned me, Michael Sanchez, a Ph.D. student and critic, to serve as a living brush for a series of body paintings, adapting the pinceau vivant technique developed by Yves Klein in 1960. In Klein’s works, nude female models imprinted their bodies covered in blue paint onto large canvases, under the supervision of the artist and a film crew.

While several of the Michael paintings were produced in a private residence in New York and shipped to Rome, most were made on-site the day after I arrived, on October 23rd. Since the exhibition space, an apartment formerly occupied by the family of a collector, was still being prepared at the time of my arrival, the living brushwork took place in the presence of construction workers, office staff, and art handlers stretching canvases. The activity of painting thereby merged, in an ambiguously domestic setting, with the process of renovation and setup. Between painting sessions, I have been able to enjoy a few of the sights of Rome, including the Villa della Farnesina frescoes at the Palazzo Massimo and Bernini’s Santa Teresa at Santa Maria della Vittoria.

-Michael Sanchez

Link: Reena Spaulings at Indipendenza Studio

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