December 20th, 2011

Paul Lee at Modern Art

Artist: Paul Lee

Venue: Modern Art, London

Exhibition Title: Moon River

Date: November 25 – December 22, 2011

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Images courtesy of Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London

Press Release:

Stuart Shave/Modern Art is delighted to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Paul Lee, Moon River. This will be Paul Lee’s second solo show with Modern Art.

Paul Lee’s work is born of a relationship between particular material forms and romantic, unspoken narratives. Towels, washcloths, lightbulbs and tambourines are humble objects that find their way into Lee’s work: things that are part of a language of our shared experience of the world. Reconstructed and reordered with basic materials, the ‘real space’ of these objects and their properties is abstracted into an implied pictorial space that intends an expression of intimacy and vulnerability.

This exhibition at Modern Art presents a group of wall-based works derived from towels, washcloths and tambourines. Tambourines are reshaped with built extensions and painted. Towels and washcloths – the foremost raw materials in this show – are worked by hand, dyed, painted, cut and reconstructed from their bare bones to describe space and shape with line and colour.

There is an expansive family of forms in Lee’s work that is driven by associations of colours, shapes, and found and made structures. Lee’s approach is maybe more like that of a storyteller than that of a formalist. Relationships within and between works suggest emotional and representational analogies with a rhyming and rhythmic character, performing the possibility of extruding narrative and decoding meaning from allusion and tactile experience.

Paul Lee was born in London in 1974, and has lived and worked in New York, USA, since 2001. He graduated from Winchester School of Art, England, in 1997, and was artist in residence at Chinati Foundation, Marfa, USA in 2007. Paul Lee’s work has been included in the recent exhibitions Absentee Landlord, curated by John Waters, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA (2011-2012); Flaca / Tom Humphreys, Portikus, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany (2011); Between Beach Ball and Rubber Raft, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, USA (2009);Eliminate, curated by John Waters, Alberta Merola Gallery, Provincetown, USA (2007); and The name of this show is not Gay Art Now, curated by Jack Pierson at Paul Kasmin, New York, USA (2006).

Link: Paul Lee at Modern Art

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