January 20th, 2012

Emanuel Rossetti at 1m3

Artist: Emanuel Rossetti

Venue: 1m3, Lausanne

Exhibition Title: Another Day at the TCCA

Date: December 22, 2011 – January 14, 2012

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Images courtesy of 1m3, Lausanne.  Photos by Mathilde Agius.

Press Release:

(Conversation between a cat and a wall at 11:25 AM =

« Oh- somebody is running after me, i saw myself all over the walls on the street. 33333333333333333.

+What ? Strange.

« The walls aren’t supporting anything, and I can walk through them !!!

There is another layer over there, made by lines and curves. It’s moving.

I can’t see them, dazzled by the absence of the sun. It hasn’t rise since ever.

Why are U building those strange architecture. Do you think the world operates this way ? No it’s not. It’s not working !!

? Are you dancing with your shadow ? This shadow – difficult to have my head in place inside of this.

Anyhow, I can’t understand how this all works, I see all the side at the same time. I have thousands eyes. And those volumes. I can’t touch them, I can’t touch anything.

? but where does thoses trees come from ? There weren’t here one minute ago… !!!

Where are U ?

Just over there, the only thing I even recognise are those graffitis.

hmm… My feet are leaving the ground, HEHE, I can’t touch the ground. I have no weight anymore, strange…

* And I’m upside down now, interesting seeing you from the top !

I see the blue forms. Everything is turning blue. And darker.

Is this a garden ? Are WE in a garden !? The leaves spakle. I’m blind !

What time is it ?

Jeanne Graff

Link: Emanuel Rossetti at 1m3

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