March 12th, 2012

Kaspar Müller at Francesca Pia

Artist: Kaspar Müller

Venue: Francesca Pia, Zurich

Date: December 10, 2011 – March 3, 2012

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Images courtesy of Francesca Pia, Zurich

Press Release:

I was in Trinidad and learned a lot

Part 1

“golly, what a swell lif this is, getting to live in a castle, the

possible illegitimate son of the barons sister.. its a good thing, too,

otherwise it would be sort of weird from the feel, all amorous towards

the beautiful daughter of the baron himself..”


“oh boy, there she comes”


“tra la la la la la la la”


“sob! I luv her so MUCH…oh well – thats the breaks. i am late from my lesson with professor Pangloss, anyway.. HE is the SMARTEST Philosoper in ALL the LAND!!”


“hang on, you mean a disaster and flood that WASNT due to global warming?”

“Lets hope they do find it as this place is getting rather crowded!”

“Yes truly, these headlines which ask questions are getting on my nerves. They mean any old tosh can get dished up, as long as the tosh in question is asked as a question.”

“Sure. Its like: Has the real lost city of Atlantis finally been found ? ….. is this the most used news story headline ever?”

“had you read the article properly you’d have seen that the grid shows where it was initially “thought” to be.. and considering the age of this planet, I believe there have been many highly civilised nations who have been erased, or destroyed by natural occurrences. This earth is alive and never ceases to move and it would not surprise me that we could find lots of evidence of even higher intelligent civilisations having been erased, seeing that technology is improving day after day.”

“Perhaps all these findings about wall being found one mile under water shows that there was an existence of living prior to the world we know now…is it not possible that there was life here on Earth…many millions of years ago, who disappeared through a disaster of immense proportions.”

“But u know, I predicted that one day Atlantis would be found.”


“So you see, Candide, everything in this world is here for a reason; thus, we may conclude thats all is necessarily for the best of all possible worlds!”




“Well, for example: Noses were made for glasses…. therefore we have Glasses”




“And, legs were made for pants… and so, we wear pants!




“And uh.. will u excuse me for a moment dear boy? … wait wait.. holo up.. yoo hoo!”


And, in a turn of events, our hero, much to his surprise, learns another lesson


“Golly, I guess this really IS the best of all worlds!”


But, in turn of events, our hero, again much to his surprise, learns another lesson


“Gee.. I wonder, if this is the best of all possible worlds, what must the other be like?”


Part 2

Step 1: we build(t) walls inside or outsider?

white landscape – nuit americaine all the way to the horizon is torn on the
edges picked clean by vultures

i can’t be alive on and under the moon
how can i be here and alive?

here comes the competition!

Link: Kaspar Müller at Francesca Pia

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