March 14th, 2012

Tobias Madison at Sammlung Haubrok

Artist: Tobias Madison

Venue: Sammlung Haubrok, Berlin

Date: January 14 – March 17, 2012

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Images courtesy of Sammlung Haubrok, Berlin

Press Release:

Three months ago we opened a cinema in Zurich called AP News (Asahi Picture News). Creating a place both involves its audience (AP News produces films and telenovella) and serves as a meeting ground for a young and semi – professionalized audience. We lead many discussions on how to avoid destined professionalisation.

For this exhibition we made a soundpiece that consists of recordings of chit chat while having lunch with possible sponsors for AP News, clubbing with friends and hanging out at the bar being annoyed with everyone, dreaming, shoplifting, gossiping…, talking about ourselves.

A film crew was hired to take various shots of Fatuma’s body, leading to its dissolution. The way a friendly advice or a romantic confession is being diluted into midnight chatter. The way language is being diluted when used as language.

Fatuma Osman & Tobias Madison



The exhibition also features a line of dresses & accesories that Tobias Madison developed with Simon Burgunder, a young fashion designer from Basel. The line is custom tailored for a series of sculptural works by Madison from 2010, two of which are in the Haubrok Collection. The print designs are based on installation and detail views of previous exhibitions and a single bamboo stick that was taken from an invitation for an Issey Miyake fashion show.

It’s as if the sculptures would have to go to a party.

Link: Tobias Madison at Sammlung Haubrok

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