April 9th, 2012

Claire Fontaine at Museion

Artist: Claire Fontaine

Venue: Museion, Bolzano

Exhibition Title: M – A – C – C – H – I – N – A – Z – I – O – N – I

Date: February 4 – May 13, 2012

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Images courtesy of Muesion, Bolzano. Photos by Othmar Seehauser. 

Press Release: 

The Claire Fontaine collective, founded in Paris in 2004, takes its name from a well-known French brand of stationery. Self-styled “ready made artist”, its videos, installations, sculptures and texts, which often recall works by other artists, explore the crisis of singularity in contemporary art, critiquing its lack of political involvement. Claire Fontaine brings to Museion a selection of existing works and new creations that continue its reflection on the economy as a closed system, intent on preserving the existing status quo at any price. The collective’s work asks us to rethink our position as ‘users’ of art and reflect on alternative value systems and the contradictions bound up with the concept of “property” in modern society.

Link: Claire Fontaine at Museion 

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