May 22nd, 2012

Group Show at Mathew

Artists: Monika Baer, Kim Gordon, Nick Mauss

Venue: Mathew, Berlin

Date: April 27 – May 26, 2012

Note: There is a video of Kim Gordon’s performance at the opening of the exhibition available here.

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Images courtesy of Mathew, Berlin

Press Release:

When David Lieske and I met to discuss the exhibition by Monika Baer, Kim Gordon and Nick Mauss and the press release I had agreed to write for it, David told me about paintings he had seen at Monika Baer’s studio: something with a disconnected hand on it, a red brick wall and a scratched white surface, and canvases with small mirrors integrated into a monochrome relief-like texture that would be perfect for a group show because they visually incorporated their surroundings but might not end up at Mathew, and about her laborious painting procedures.

David showed me photos Kim Gordon had sent of her studio wall with arrangements of small-scale paintings on paper, rather gestural, some of them with text, others abstract or semi-figurative, and also pieces with panties stretched over canvas that were overpainted black afterwards.

Nick Mauss would produce his first ever works on canvas, David assumed, stretched on a column-like construction extending from floor to ceiling in the middle of the space. Motifs yet unknown.

We spoke about how there was a demand for painting, obviously, although often not acknowledged in discussions, also a commercial demand. A demand for signifiers of subjectivity, taste, discourse and/or sophistication and why these three artists could function so well as projection screens for all these kinds of demands and desires and how they might satisfy them with what they appear to offer, or actually offer and what that would probably lead to. But then there are also nuances in these desires, and there are other desires as well, and the works seem to insist on that too.

-Magnus Schäfer

Link: Group at Mathew

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