June 16th, 2012

“Ulrich Wulff @ Tif’s Desk” at Thomas Solomon

Artist: Ulrich Wulff

Venue: Tif’s Desk at Thomas Solomon

Exhibition Title: Ulrich Wulff @ Tif’s Desk

Date: June 2 – June 23, 2012

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Images courtesy of Thomas Solomon, Los Angeles

Press Release: 

My dear friends and followers in and around Los Angeles!

I regard myself happy as a hog to get the unique chance of showing a selection of recent drawings in Tif´s Desk at Thomas Solomon Gallery in your beautiful hometown.

It´s a shame I cannot be there with you to celebrate this very special event today, but, as I was already promising on leaving your city the last times: I`ll be back!

Anyway, art travels faster. You amongst my dear visitors tonight, who know my work from before, will be thinking these artworks exhibited in the desk and behind it are from another person than myself.

And you´re right bout that. The path of Enlightenment, that I have chosen to walk on decades before finally proves to touch the soles of my feet now.

The forms on the pencil drawings and canvases gained self-awareness. Thats why they are precise like in an old Italian masterpiece and humble as a Japanese Shodo result.

Dont fool yourself: This is a unique occasion, not only in art, not only today. This is not talking about qualities, this is the talk of essence itself. But be careful: The solution wont come from outside. The simple forms on both drawings and canvases may help you orientate within the world of yourself. But it will be your own feet that take you forward.

Dont let yourself be led by names. The titles are qualities, not the essence. The titles are helpers to myself. Read them, breathe them in, forget them. Find your own name.

Love, Peace and Happiness to all of you!

Your friend


Link: Ulrich Wulff @ Tif’s Desk at Thomas Solomon

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