August 26th, 2012

AR: Group Show at Mezzanin

Artists: Michael Beutler, Michael Callies/Tobias Rehberger, Sunah Choi, Gerald Domenig, Jana Euler, Heinz Gappmayr, Thilo Heinzmann, Sergej Jensen, Thomas Judin, Udo Koch, Andrei Koschmieder, Marko Lehanka, Franz Mon, Mandla Reuter, Tomas Sarazeno, Schroeder Sonnenstern, Lucie Stahl, Stephen Suckale

Venue: Mezzanin, Vienna

Exhibition Title: Thomas Bayrle curates (reluctantly) Schrippenking with a p?

Date: November 9, 2011 – January 10, 2012

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Originally Posted: January 5th, 2012

Note: This entry is part of August Review, our annual look back at this season’s key exhibitions. For more information, see the announcement here.

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