August 2nd, 2012

Riccardo Beretta at Zero

Artist: Riccardo Beretta

Venue: Zero, Milan

Exhibition Title: Donnerwetter

Date: June 27 – July 27, 2012

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Images courtesy of Zero, Milan. Photos by Filippo Armellin.

Press Release:

ZERO… is pleased to present Donnerwetter, a project by Riccardo Beretta.

The artist’s research, open by nature to interwoven readings, arises from the constant encroachment into areas and crafts unknown to him and the desire to learn by doing. His works are conceived as actual invasions of field, choral works born from the interaction and confrontation between different skills and techniques.

The show presents two claviciteri and one embroidery on velvet, works that though existing as sculptures, become platforms which can ideally be used. The two instruments were designed and engineered by the artist using pieces of wood coming from different geographical areas, and produced with the involvement of several Italian craftsmen. Beretta, through a careful mapping of the materials’ sources, creates a new geography of the practice of making and craft, suspended between a local and a global dimension. Although located in two different rooms of the exhibition space, the two instruments are designed as a pair, the result of a syncronized work on two levels, a continuous unfolding of ideas and insights that creates a dialogue between them.

The importance of the encounter between different territories and professionalism and the possibilities it offers are also the starting point of the third work in the show. Using literature as a source to draw on, Beretta takes an extract from the book If This Is a Man by Primo Levi, translated into German, and presents it as an embroidery on a velvet fabric, using a font that he created and produced. The very choice of a fragment by Primo Levi reflects on his ambivalent activity as chemist and writer. He becomes an emblematic figure for his ability to approach different professions. The bleached velvet becomes a domestic object; through the technique of the embroidery and its strong reference to the tradition of tattooing, the sculpture eventually evokes the body of the writer itself.

Link: Riccardo Beretta at Zero

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