October 23rd, 2012

Ei Arakawa at Overduin and Kite

Artist: Ei Arakawa

Venue: Overduin and Kite, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: I am an employee of UNITED Vol.2

Date: September 16 – October 27, 2012

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Images courtesy of Overduin and Kite, Los Angeles

Press Release:

Los Angeles, whoever happens to be here, invites three performance artists who work as
a collective. With their expanded organizational skills, they manage to fly 100,000 miles
(160,000 km) in a calendar year, all operated by one airline alliance. Museums and
galleries covered all of the expenses. The collective is now Premier 1K™.

Since 2005, their performances have been all over: Jan: Tokyo, 14,000; Feb: Berlin,
7,000; Mar: London, 7,000; Apr: Paris, 7,000; May: Seoul, 14,000; Jun: Basel, 7,000;
Aug: Milan, 7,000; Sep: Sao Paulo, 9,000; Oct: London, 7,000; Nov: Warsaw, 8,000;
Dec: Hong Kong, 14,000; total: 101,000. This is typical of a performance artist today.
Description of Performance Artists (what they wear)
*No strict uniform or uniformity.
*Patterns slightly tropical/oriental.
*Loose fitting. Styles that are able to breathe well during the long haul.
*Women? Men?
*Not necessarily exposed outfits, yet uplifting.
*Considering an upcoming performance with a suit. A fake queer architect.
*3,000 USD is good pay for performance art. Average is 1,000 USD or less though.
*No dog. Because an animal needs her/him so much. Cat possible?

“We are exhausted. As long as we can get nice shiatsu, it is okay.”

“It is manageable for our age (early 40s). In the morning, we sat among older
businessmen in the lounge. I wonder who they think we are.”

“Inside our carry-ons, each under 14 inches x 9 inches x 22 inches (23 x 35 x 56 cm),
there are objects not claimed as art. Those objects are almost like tools, yet too precious
and fragile to send them over by FedEx.”

“The objects are scanned and explained at the security gate (officers don’t really care
what they are). We take care of those objects as if smugglers.”

“Those are Whitney Houston paintings.”

Everywhere they go, they recognize the same employees in the lounge, check-in counter,
and the fuselage. One flight attendant makes eye contact, “You again.” The three
performance artists feel like they are employees of UNITED. UNTIED. UNITED.
UNTIED … Boarding is complete, the artists quickly search for empty seats. Each takes
the middle seat in a row of three empty seats. This will prevent other passengers from
sitting next to you. Non-shared positions. Using three economy seats, that’s the way for
them to sleep full flat while flying economy.

*Tickets (appropriated)
*Ceiling Figures
*Performance Artists
*Les Orientales (from 1910)
*Air Purifier
*Whitney Houstons
*Window Film (that will also appear in November’s show by Mr. Gambaroff)
*Fingerprints (of LA audience)
*Real Humans (Arakawa/Gambaroff/Minamikawa)

“Sort of scarecrow.”

Link: Ei Arakawa at Overduin and Kite

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