December 19th, 2012

Luca Frei at Wien Lukatsch

Artist: Luca Frei

Venue: Wien Lukatsch, Berlin

Exhibition Title: Two Lives, A Bridge

Date: September 29 – December 22, 2012

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Images courtesy of  Wien Lukatsch, Berlin. Photos by Nick Ash.

Press Release:

Galerie Wien Lukatsch presents a solo exhibition by Luca Frei (* 1976 in Lugano). Several new works will be shown where the use of discarded and found material predominates. “I rearrange this material, opening for new configurations and forms, allowing for new imageries and narratives to emerge. What comes out is informed by the material I engage with and ‘our’ particular negotiation in that particular moment as we accompany each other in this process of recomposition.”

“Stitched” (2012), for example, is a series of eight panes of glass (50×40 cm each). Fractures in the glass are produced by small cuts so that two or three distinct parts emerge, which are then recombined again with copper foil and lead. This fragile composition of glass objects is displayed in two rows on top of each other. The lines and breakages arise at weak spots of the material. What we see are seams of lead clinging together the different parts, which were built by coincidence.

A similar method is used in the diptych “Threads” (2012). Black ink is blobbed on paper and blown over it by the artist so that lines occur, but there is a limited possibility to control their way. The lines arise from two hands working with clay and grow up to a Roman figurine of a girl playing. This statuette seems to hold or weave these lines. Luca Frei’s drawings and collages often resemble visual rebuses.

Luca Frei became known for creating spatial situations in which the visitor becomes aware of the distinct features of the room. In his installation “D-10785” (2010 – 2012), which consists of a sequence of 14 wooden doweling (each 2,40 metre) and chains connected together, Frei is again concentrating on the exhibition space. The visitors are invited to freely interact with the 64,80 metre long work.

“Ambush”, “Passage”, “Individuation”, and “Resonance” (2012) are a group of four large-format wooden panels onto which left over pieces of wood are mounted. This collage of objects resembles musical notations, which are developed by playing with the material and are open. Luca Frei describes his working method as interaction between himself and the material. In this process he is open for events and picture associations, which are only partly intended and influenced by him. He writes: “Rather than proposing a clear or tight conceptual framework, I think the exhibition is more about work and the process of making, its implications in relation to time, space, memory. The works in the exhibition are also informed by my wish to deal with material and to enter in dialogue with it, this is something clear in most of the works presented. All of them are about process, meditative and playful.”

Link: Luca Frei at Wien Lukatsch 

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