February 26th, 2013

Bruno Serralongue at Francesca Pia

Artist: Bruno Serralongue

Venue: Francesca Pia, Zurich

Exhibition Title: South Sudan Series (8 – 12 July 2011)

Date: February 9 – March 23, 2013

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Images courtesy of  Francesca Pia, Zurich

Press Release:

The French photographer Bruno Serralongue (*1968, lives and works in Paris) has developed a distinctive body of work questioning the visual representation within the media. He thereby raises a discussion surrounding the production and dissemination of images as well as their claim to represent reality. In a journalistic manner – but nonetheless deliberately independent in terms of temporality, technique and presentation – the artist traces media events that mark key moments in regions facing geopolitical changes at for instance global economic and social forums; celebrations of new independent nations like Kosovo and South Sudan; strikes and labor conflicts. Instead of seeking spectacular images at these events in a voyeuristic and dramatic style, such as that of most photographic journalism, Serralongue chooses angles excluded from the media’s mainstream framing of reality. His photographs draw attention to marginalized issues that lie outside habitual representations. This approach facilitates a critical and philosophical examination of the ways in which information is produced and disseminated.

In his exhibition at Galerie Francesca Pia, Bruno Serralongue shows photographic works that he took within the context of the declaration of independence and the subsequent reorganization and birth of the new state of South Sudan. His visit to the new south sudanese capital Juba lead to two series which are being shown for the first time in Switzerland. The ‘South Sudan Series’ addresses the human conditions and hopes projected on to a new nation that emerged after years of civil war and violence. After the signing a peace agreement in 2005 and a process of independence overseen by the United Nations, South Sudan officially became independent on 9 July 2011. This date was marked by three days of ceremonies. These celebrations form part of to the second series ’Carnival of Independence, Sud Sudan’ depicting dances accompanied by patriotic propaganda at the football stadium. Despite promising slogans, these images reveal a tangible uncertainty about the future, a discrepancy between hope and lived reality and the human and economic development.

Link: Bruno Serralongue at Francesca Pia

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