April 3rd, 2013

Amy Yao at AVA

Artist: Amy Yao

Venue: AVA, New York

Exhibition Title: Bobas and Biological Clocks at the Soho House

Date: March 10 – April 7, 2013

Note: The audio components of this show can be heard at the following linksOne, Two, Three

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Images courtesy of AVA, New York

Press Release:

This audio visual installation sourced from my rendezvous in China includes a variety of distorted documentation and recordings that glimmer and shimmer. In an effort to dig deep and discover something about my identity, my roots, I traveled to China to see what’s there. I traveled back home to Los Angeles, California for my grandmother’s 90’s birthday to join my family in a stroll through Huntington Library’s newly built Liu Fang Yuan Chinese Garden. The absurd expectation that one discovers something about who they are from going back to place that is culturally related to one’s identity is as funny as the idea that the legs of a ladder should be covered up in racy silk stockings — where the foot treads up the steps to move up the ladder to financial success and social mobility. Yet these are rich, mine-like territories to explore what is real and meaningful. It’s a repetition, an alliteration.

The sound recordings emanating out the Boba Milk Tea speaker were recorded in Shanghai, China where Kyle Minogue is as popular as Bob Dylan and Cher in France, and where middle aged ladies dance to country western music in public art parks. Where Sanka instant coffee is offered as a popular alternative to drip coffee and lattes. Rich is the new exclusive, VIP, upper echelon, Do Not Enter. Where factories produce crystals that vibrate under electric nodes resulting in modern wireless communication. I seem to be missing something and representation is always inadequate. Is China scary or the future?

Mayo Thompson of Red Krayola says that Black Dice makes pop music out of noise. Eric Copeland of Black Dice is responsible for the remix.

Thank you to: David Donahue, Eric Copeland, Carissa Rodriguez, Noah Sheldon, Maggie Peng, Lisa Jo, Anicka Yi, Margaret Lee, Wendy Yao, Grandma Yao (RIP), Tobi Vail, Mayo Thompson, DJ Total Freedom.

Amy Yao, 2013

Link: Amy Yao at AVA

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