June 19th, 2013

Camille Blatrix at Gasconade

Artist: Camille Blatrix

Venue: Gasconade, Milan

Exhibition Title: Victor: il suo cuore vuoto al completo

Date: May 24 – June 22, 2012

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Images courtesy of Gasconade, Milan and Balice Hertling, Paris. Photos by Alessandro Zambianchi.

Press Release:

The watch tells it is 10:22 pm. From the bottom of the office, Luca comes across Victor’s gaze. He can state he understands Victor in-depth, and that gaze states that son coeur vide affiche complet.

Luca understands that Victor’s melancholy is no more an unformed lump, which packs his coworker’s desk as a rough paper holder among fountain pens, paper stacks and bottles of Detaille Aéroplane perfume. Victor’s melancholy is now a very finely shaped and distilled in tears of stone of milk. Kidnapped by the wind that floods within the office through the window—the window that Victor has broken down in a transport—those tears float in the night: a bright falling star bears a ring nestling a precious stone—the ring is shaped according to the logo of the hotel where Allison stays in Étretat; a tiny moon mimics the watch; another falling star depicts CCB who catch up with Allison in Étretat.

Victor’s melancholy floats in the night as well. A love story has ended so a new one can bloom: Victor has lost Allison who has found CCB. In a letter she explained to him that their life lines wouldn’t have run one parallel to the other and therefore that variation would have caused a traumatic intersection—the letter floats in the night:
beyond the moon and the falling stars, a fragment of Allison’s letter flies away like a butterfly.

From his desk, wearing a ring which bears the logo of the company, Luca looks at Victor: a severe black Valentino suit worn over an Our Legacy shirt—that shoegaze touch bestows the whole outfit a certain flavor so Victor could still expect people believing he is an “angry young men”. But Luca understands Victor in- depth, and understands his story that the night has kidnapped: a book floats from Victor’s desk in the night; on the pages of the book Victor The Pen depicts his own story.

The Church’s shoes are getting lighter and lighter and are not able anymore to anchor Victor to the ground. Everything flies away in the wake of the Aéroplane perfume.

In the pocket, the Jack Spade wallet hides a fragment of the letter and the sports watch by Issey Miyake tells it is 10:22 pm. The yuppie, the new man, that James Bond with Alain Delon’s gaze, has been left alone. He watches the moon while watching his watch.

Link: Camille Blatrix at Gasconade

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