June 25th, 2013

Rebecca Morris at Kunsthalle Lingen

Artist: Rebecca Morris

Venue: Kunsthalle Lingen

Exhibition Title: Southafternoon

Date: May 18 – July 28, 2013

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Images courtesy of  Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin. Photos by Roman Mensing.

Press Release:

In her works, she mixes purely formalistic elements with a strikingly craftsman-like use of material and colour. This results in multi-layered, powerful paintings filled with references to the history of art and to everyday life; a very personal and current conception of abstraction is therefore imparted. The pictures often display a multi-layered build-up of colour from indefinable ornamental colour forms on a background which is sometimes dark. Amorphous, sometimes round, drop-shaped, or spiky colour clusters appear seamlessly adjoined, trimmed, layered over each other, or also isolated from each other; these shapes integrate into pictures which have a collage-like effect.

Through her use of spray paint, Rebecca Morris gives her pictures a strong impression of depth, as well as softness and fleetingness; in some works the colour flecks sprayed in silver and gold recall hovering meteorites. On the other hand, attempting to read a specific style into her works is impossible, because she instead cultivates abstraction by means of an unconventional mix of references which point to various domains. Through craftsman’s ruses, deliberate mistakes, and the use of actual materials, Rebecca Morris’s pictures achieve a presence and tension which cause something new to continually be discovered during an extended viewing.

Link: Rebecca Morris at Kunsthalle Lingen

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