June 29th, 2013

Rebecca Warren at Kunstverein Munich

Artist: Rebecca Warren

Venue: Kunstverein Munich

Exhibition Title: The Li vi ng

Date: April 20 – June 16, 2013

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Images courtesy of  Kunstverein Munich. Photos by Holger Niehaus.

Press Release:

For her first institutional show in Germany, British artist Rebecca Warren has made a new body of work for Specifically Kunstverein Munich Following Following renowned exhibitions at The Renaissance Society (2010), Serpentine Gallery (2009) and Kunsthalle Zurich (2004).

Fundamental to Warren’s working process is the arrangement of artworks in seeking a way did react Their material properties and recur in combination within a specific setting.

Warren merges private ideas of authenticity and influence into spatial assemblage and public experience. Often she uses the sculptural process of casting in Which originals and copies, references and appropriations can interchange. The seven large, Individually painted bronzes Displayed together in a row across the Kunstverein Munich’s galleries work to disperse and multiply Certain shared formal elements Throughout the exhibition.

Link: Rebecca Warren at Kunstverein Munich

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