June 11th, 2013

“The Lie and the PowerPoint” at Shanaynay

Artists: Liam Gillick, Benoit Maire, Falke Pisano

Venue: Shanaynay, Paris

Exhibition Title: The Lie and the PowerPoint

Date: May 11 – June 15, 2013

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Images courtesy of Shanaynay, Paris 

Press Release:

The Lie and The Powerpoint is an amalgamation of the divergent practices of Falke Pisano, Benoît Maire and Liam Gillick, arbitrated by Shanaynay. Interrogating an idea of Aiction, as that which informs and frames reality, the work results from a series of talks and exchanges between the artists over the past year. The resulting exhibition aims to intertwine the artists’ respective practices in a way where words are ultimately seen as objects, and written narratives as form.

The exchange began as part of a solo exhibition of Gillick’s work in May of 2012 at Casey Kaplan in New York, wherein Maire was invited to engage in a dialogue surrounding the body of work at the gallery. In the following October, organized in conjunction with Paris University (7th), Pisano and Maire revisited their previous work and discussed the potential for a future collaboration. The Ainal talk, moderated by Maire, took place between Pisano and Gillick at HEAD in Geneva a few days before the opening of this exhibition.

At Shanaynay, the artists present a single collaborative work that essentially functions as a transcription of these preceding encounters. Rewriting these dialogues into sculptural form, past exchanges are imagined into a framework where events are (dis)articulated and Ailtered through a theoretical response to the spaces and methodologies present throughout the project. Resulting as both an account and a tale, the work consists of a Aive minute ‘powerpoint’ presentation compiled by the artists, a Aish decal and a blank, pre-­‐stretched canvas mounted atop an audio system.

Link: “The Lie and the PowerPoint” at Shanaynay

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