July 8th, 2013

Giorgio Ciam at A Palazzo

Artist: Giorgio Ciam

Venue: A Palazzo, Brescia

Exhibition Title: Sulla pelle

Curated by: Elena Re

Date: May 9 – July 15, 1013

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Images courtesy of A Palazzo Gallery, copyright Eredi Giorgio Ciam.

Press Release:

On 9th May 2013 A Palazzo Gallery, in collaboration with the Estate of Giorgio Ciam, will present the solo show GIORGIO CIAM – Sulla pelle, curated by Elena Re.

The idea behind the exhibition is to highlight some essential moments in the career of Giorgio Ciam, an artist who used photography to delve into his own existential dimension, starting with work on the skin, the face and his own body. The exhibition presents a wide selection of works from the Giorgio Ciam archives that focus on the expressive research of an author who was involved in international Body Art in the 1970s and continued in the ’80s and ’90s to experiment with photography, analysing his own identity, with highly topical and anticipatory results. To this end, on display are important photographic works forming the heart of this research, as well as hitherto unseen works in which the photographic medium gives way to drawing, collage and sculpture. It is an excellent opportunity to discover the wealth and novelty of an entire expressive journey, viewed in its many facets.

As the title of one of his early works of transformation, Sulla pelle is the starting point of Giorgio Ciam’s inner journey, and yet is also the place from which to set off again to retrace his own steps today. Ciam uses his own body as a screen, as a changing plane of projection. What he offers with his work is a faithful reflection of a complex, labyrinthine identity that is continually fathomed, reprocessed, yet never fully determined. Placing himself in front of the lens, though working within the framework of Behaviour, Ciam depicts a particular situation – a performance without an audience. Because he will only assume relations with his audience through photographic work. So, by using the technique of photomontage, he can thus transform himself and become another. Similarly, by blurring the image, he can annul himself to reappear in the figure of his son. Or, by stratifying numerous images within the same photograph or cropping, deleting and using collage or décollage, he can see and re-see himself, formulating the story of himself and his identity. Caught up in a similar vortex, at times drawing and sculpture too appear as opportunities for assessment and analysis, expressions of a multi-faceted and endless research. Giorgio Ciam’s work thus displays multiple content, since what the author delivers to his audience is a written report of his own self-analysis. On closer inspection, however, this operation is only apparently self-reflexive since what Ciam calls into play is the human condition, the awareness of time – his own life history as a vehicle for other possible stories. So much so that his experimenting with the body is revealed as a clear expression of post-modern thought, staging and debating still open philosophical issues.

Link: Giorgio Ciam at A Palazzo

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