August 7th, 2013

“Sunbathers” at 1857

Artists: David Douard, Aude Pariset, Adele Röder, Camilla Wills

Venue: 1857, Oslo

Exhibition Title: Sunbathers

Date: May 25 – August 11, 2013

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Images courtesy of 1857, Oslo. 

Press Release:

Everything is more pleasant when it is warm outside.

The sun rises over Oslo. Light green trees shoot leaves sending a thin mist of pollen through the city. Birds nest in the cracks between buildings, under the eaves of houses, on steel beams and concrete ledges, their constant cooing is heard almost everywhere. A badger rummages through a row of trashcans: “I am an animal,” he says, in his thick badger accent.

Sunbeams through the skylights draw semicircles on the northern wall, dipping further down towards the floor for each day that passes, and marking on the horizontal outlines of the plank formwork molded into the concrete a sundial of the day and a calendar of summer.

A small crowd has gathered to interpret the signs and portents of the sun, but only one of them is speaking. He reads to the others the law, a different law, and proclaims himself king of a different world: Akhenaten, the beautiful one under the sun.

Faltering notes from a nylon-string guitar are heard. It sounds like du-dududu, short pause, dududu-dududu-du, “no” dududu-du – a beginner’s level version of Stairway to Heaven.

Link: “Sunbathers” at 1857

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