November 27th, 2013

Michel Auder at Portikus

Michel Auder at Portikus

Artist: Michel Auder

Venue: Portikus, Frankfurt

Exhibition Title: Selected Works

Date: October 31 – November 17, 2013

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Michel Auder at Portikus

Michel Auder at Portikus

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Michel Auder, excerpt from Halvandet, 2008. 3’13min, Digital Video (SD).


Michel Auder, excerpt from Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, 1986. 3min, 1/2″ Betamax to Digital Video (SD).


Michel Auder, excerpt from Chelsea NYC, 1989 edited 2009. 6’41min, Video Hi8 to Digital Video (SD).


Michel Auder, excerpt from Bloom, 2008. 5min, Digital Video (SD).


Michel Auder, excerpt from Apocalypse Later, 2003. 5’13min, Digital Video (SD).



Video and images courtesy of the artist and Portikus, Frankfurt

Press Release:

Portikus is proud to present the filmic oeuvre of French-American artist Michel Auder. The exhibition is set up to screen a different work every day, allowing his practice, which spans over four decades, to unfold its narrative qualities. Auder has lived and worked in New York City since 1970, where he was part of the circle of The Factory. Here, he had close ties with Warhol’s favorite actress, Viva and also actor and poet Taylor Mead, both of whom he portrayed on several occasions. Auder’s films and videos are documents of times and places, subjective observations by someone who is concerned with his surroundings and the people that play a role in his vicinity. Auder believes, “Artists are translating the appearance of time according to their appreciation of it.” His most well known work, Chelsea Girls with Andy Warhol, which he shot between the years 1971 and 76, has become a seminal document of New York in this era. His portraits of individuals, social dynamics between people, interiors or shared communal events reflect the intimacy between the artist himself and what is depicted using images and sound to translate relationships.

Sampling has always played a central role in Auder’s practice. While he continues to record his surroundings, he also repeatedly comes back to working with existing material. This not only shows an interest in continually provoking the present with historical moments and nostalgias, but also in showcasing the transformation of the moving image as a medium. Auder explains his fascination with the more recent developments in film as follows; “By the year 2000, we all became film makers, mostly for the worst and in some cases for the better. We all have a digital tool, or two, in our pockets. By using these recording devices new authors have emerged, telling stories like never before; Film Novelists, Film Playwrights, Film Poets, Film Essayists, Film Painters, Film Biographers, Film Columnists, Film Reporters, Film Animators, Film Wordsmiths, Film Scribes, Film Sculptors, Film Scribblers…”

The selection of films shown at Portikus reflects on the range in Michel Auder’s production. The works selected are short pieces that are screened in a daylong loop to allow aspects of sampling and repetition to emerge, predominantly focusing on sound as an integral component of his practice.

Michel Auder’s exhibition at Portikus is made possible through the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, Frankfurt, which runs from October 30 until November 3. The exhibition continues until November 17.

Link: Michel Auder at Portikus

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