January 30th, 2014

Jutta Koether at PRAXES

12 October–03 November, "Luise"Photo by Trevor Good

Artist: Jutta Koether

Venue: PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Exhibition Titles: Viktoria, Luise, Isabelle

Date: August 31 – December 14, 2013

Note: A full documentation of the series of modular exhibitions is available here.

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31 August–06 October, "Viktoria"Photo by Elmar Vestner

31 August–06 October, "Viktoria"Photo by Elmar Vestner

07 November–14 December, "Isabelle"Photo by Eva Lechner

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Images courtesy of PRAXES, Berlin. Photos by Trevor Good, Eva Lechner, and Elmar Vestner.

Press Release:

PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art is a not-for-profit venue for international contemporary art and research in Berlin. Situated in a two-story 200 m2 former community building, PRAXES presents half-year cycles of consecutive exhibition modules, papers, and live activities revolving around two unassociated artistic practices. For the inaugural exhibition cycle spanning Autumn 2013, PRAXES presented two parallel strings of exhibitions by GERARD BYRNE (Dublin/Copenhagen) and JUTTA KOETHER (Berlin/New York).

Jutta Koether’s unique approach to painting can best be described as multipurpose. Through her more than twenty-years investigation of the language, history, and relevance of this medium, Koether has continuously crossed into other fields of expertise to challenge, layer, extend, and revisit gestures on canvas. At PRAXES, two sculptures and a gouache from 2013 become the centerpieces in a triptych exhibition structure—and the starting point of a speculative dossier, extending into Koether’s vast practice. The works—titled Viktoria, Luise, and Isabelle—were previously exhibited together under the title “The Double Session” in London, exploring Derrida’s notion of doubling from his eponymous 1969 lecture. While placing these exhibitions in the artist’s on-going performative reading of this text, this doubled double also marks a homecoming as the works return to the German context to which they are intricately linked. Back in Berlin—where the artist herself moved in 2010 after more than two decades in New York—the works are greeted by the unruly extended family of Koether’s practice while reaching out towards future associates and collaborators.

31 August–6 October, Viktoria
12 October–3 November, Luise
7 November–14 December, Isabelle

Link: Jutta Koether at PRAXES

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