January 5th, 2014

“S.O.A.P.Y. II” at Vilma Gold

Veit Laurent Kurz and Julien Nguyen

Artists: Veit Laurent Kurz, Julien Nguyen, Genoveva Filipovic, Stefan Tcherepnin, Max Brand

Venue: Vilma Gold, London

Exhibition Title: S.O.A.P.Y. II

Date: November 23, 2013 – January 18, 2014

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“S.O.A.P.Y.” at Vilma Gold

Veit Laurent Kurz

Genoveva Filipovic

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Images courtesy of Vilma Gold, London

Press Release:


“The tentacle-slaves of Empire continue to multiply and grow ever more greedy. Though its innumerable sensory organs grope at power and wealth, there is a Rock which it will never overturn, and from under which its destruction will come.”

– Vetjylien N’gyrz

S.O.A.P.Y is a cluster of individuals that have discovered certain properties as useful escapes from an anguished history. Defined technically, it is an occult initiatory school in which varying degrees of expertise, experience, and comprehension of ur-metaphysics are recognized among members. They are disciples of “Magick”, a term which comes from the ancient struggle between Greece and Persia, where Paranoid Apollonian Gods came face to face with an obscure chaos ready to shatter their virginal statues. Magick is, has always been, and always will be the enemy of a sterile planet with its ascetic ideals.

The legend of S.O.A.P.Y goes back to a large gang of unwashed children with varying origin points from the proto- civilizations of earth. This band of ashen bodies gathered in the center of Europe sometime in the late Neolithic, finding each other through the same interests in the practices of outer-dimensional thinking. False priests descended on these innocents, however, and guided them on arduous journeys to the false paradise of the marketplace. Most of them could not resist the exertions of these travels, dying or giving up from starvation and exhaustion, depression, and rampant substance abuse. Others were sold into slavery, while those that survive are hunted to this day.

But this is an old tale.

After a gathering of what was left of the scattered rebels against The Hegemony, on the alignment of several favorable celestial bodies under the New Old Bridge in Frankfurt, the electric energy of the Elohim have been reignited. Disciples re-gather, ready to fight The Immortal War.

After this first gathering, under a dark eclipse in the center of Europe, a small group of acolytes, chosen as Mediums of the Psychik Youth, were sent north on a perilous journey to propagate the teachings of the Ancient Vetjylien N’gyrz, one of the early messiahs and most able bureaucratic demons of the S.O.A.P.Y. congolomerate and its doctrines of guerrilla struggle.

They go north under the shadow of The Cathedral, towards the gaping maw of Imperial Power in order to enter its diseased and corpulent chassis. In this Unholy Finance Capital they will perform the incantations rehearsed over thousands of years to bring down their Ancient Persecutors. No more will the Legion chase them in the forest, or the Admiral on the high seas. The Urban Fox will once more claim his share and the Great Edifice of Hate will collapse from within.

Those assembled from the journey have honed their specific skills and identity-complexes over the millenia for this coming struggle. They include a Berlin-based Barbarian Knight, an Amazon and a Witch Doktor raised in Frankfurt under the sacred rites of passage, a Necromancer, who also resides in Frankfurt but hails from the Far Eastern Jungle where he learned his dark craft, and finally, The Shaman from Manna-Hata.

In the shadowed garage of a gilded palace they arrange their demented antiquities.

Link: “S.O.A.P.Y.” at Vilma Gold

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