January 14th, 2014

Thomas Bayrle, Sunah Choi at Mezzanin

Thomas Bayrle

Artist: Thomas Bayrle, Sunah Choi

Venue: Mezzanin, Vienna

Exhibition Title: Josefine meets Sunah

Date: November 16, 2013 – January 15, 2014

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Thomas Bayrle, Sunah Choi at Mezzanin

Thomas Bayrle

Sunah Choi

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Images courtesy of Mezzanin, Vienna

Press Release:

… an exhibition
how Sunah and I will meet at your place…
how she deals with such a “petty concept of nature” –
by knowing exactly what prefabricated steel grids we encounter everywhere nowadays in the construction industry (in the past there was the profession of the iron bender, who bent iron mesh for the concrete mold) – which today, of course, is an entire industry – which, based on computer plans, delivers the actual ready-made frameworks directly to the construction site … and we see these forms everywhere in – in front of – under – over building shells – and – when these true forms disappear under the concrete design – the second comes – namely the garden center culture. In order to mend our long perverted relationship to “mother nature”… By placing with magnets pierced, washed – stones found in nature (which one) – on exactly the polished positions, where our eyes need them for a moment when phoning and manipulating…

— Thomas Bayrle, November 2013

(Translated by Emily Terényi)

Link: Thomas Bayrle, Sunah Choi at Mezzanin

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