February 24th, 2014

Morgan Fisher at International Art Objects

Morgan Fisher at International Art Objects

Artist: Morgan Fisher

Venue: International Art Objects, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: Exterior and Interior Color Beauty

Date: January 11 – March 1, 2014

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Morgan Fisher at International Art Objects

Morgan Fisher at International Art Objects

Morgan Fisher at International Art Objects

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Images courtesy of China Art Objects Galleries. Photos by Robert Wedemeyer. 

Press Release:

China Art Objects Galleries is pleased to present Exterior and Interior Color Beauty, an exhibition of ten recent paintings by Morgan Fisher, his fourth one-person exhibition with the gallery.

The paintings are enlarged facsimiles of paint chips for colors for domestic exteriors and interiors in Exterior and Interior Color Beauty, a booklet produced in about 1935 by General Houses, Inc., a manufacturer of prefabricated houses founded by the artist’s father, Howard T. Fisher.

The exhibition realizes what Morgan Fisher understood when he found the booklet in his father’s files many years ago, that the groups of chips were paintings ready-made.

The paintings are in two groups, exterior colors and interior colors. This is the first exhibition of the paintings of the exterior colors, of which there are five.

The paintings of the interior colors are a set of five from the exhibition Interior Color Beauty at Bortolami Gallery, New York, in September 2013. On that occasion the artist and Bortolami Gallery published a limited edition facsimile of Exterior and Interior Color Beauty, which can be consulted at the desk.

This exhibition, although including only some of the paintings of interior colors, is the first to show paintings based on the exterior and interior colors together.

The colors in the booklet were chosen by a color consultant to make combinations that are pleasing in themselves and furthermore are coordinated with each other. The coordinated color combinations make a sequence that produces what the booklet calls “color-flow” for an entire house. The booklet presents five such sequences, and this exhibition is the first to show one of these sequences.

The paintings of exterior colors each consist of a main color and a choice of several trim colors.

The combinations of the interior colors, unlike the possible pairings of colors for exteriors, do not offer choices. The colors and their combinations were chosen to suit five specific kinds of rooms. According with the booklet’s five color sequences, for each kind of room there are five color combinations.

In this exhibition the paintings of the interior colors are coordinated with the fifth painting of exterior colors. These paintings together make a sequence that creates “color flow” from the outside of a house throughout its interior. Further, the painting of exterior colors offers four possible pairs of colors, creating with the same color combinations for the interior four different color sequences for an entire house.

The booklet Exterior and Interior Color Beauty represents the wish to rationalize relations among color, expressing in the realm of the decorative the wish of General Houses, Inc. to rationalize the design and production of housing. At the root of such rationalization is the imperative to limit choice, to simplify, to standardize. Morgan Fisher’s wish to make work that escapes the pitfalls of composition expresses similar principles, of which the paintings in this exhibition are examples.

Link: Morgan Fisher at International Art Objects

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