February 13th, 2014

Nora Schultz at Isabella Bortolozzi

Nora Schultz at Bortolozzi

Artist: Nora Schultz

Venue: Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin

Exhibition Title: The tripods’ escape

Date: November 26, 2013 – February 1, 2014

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Nora Schultz at Bortolozzi

Nora Schultz at Bortolozzi

Nora Schultz at Bortolozzi

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Images courtesy of Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin

Press Release:

…Somewhere between extended and retracted leg he turned around, flipped his face that was a stencil, it could draw an expression for every opportunity, and decided to leave. Looking for a place to run to, a place to stay, for an existence without function and a face with no expression. Tripods escaped and they took the story with them. Maybe the technical drawings might help. They interview the tools how they could work….

In the story 2080 Tripods escape… you describe a society of tripods and triangle people who are…

magnifier-stabilizer (snake) tripod growing

tripod / arrow stencil tripod / arrow print (1&3) moonboots

angle stabilizer / leg tripod drawings

…the elements you describe are developed for a technical process, can you tell about how they actually work and what these skills are made for?

The tripod can escape in every possible direction and with its ability to extend and retract it has an insect-like body, and that’s how it alienates, too… This expansion is often initiated by factions outside of the development team in response to the pressure to capitalize on success… the tripod is using the same technique time and again to perform his interactions with the real world.

Is your mode of thinking that if we are subservient to machines anyway, they had better be good machines?

Our focus needs to be on containing cascades of failure, and increasing our ability to swiftly recover from those failures. That limits the damage when we’re wrong, and we need to acknowledge the fact that we will sometimes be wrong.

The tendency of machines to accept what humans tell them — ‘black-box’ thinking– might no longer be the case.

Is there for instance a sensible regulation that could realistically stop the tripods from crossing the boundary…?

One might imagine a transitional phase where tripods keep one foot in the old economy and one in the new, providing a chance for a smoother transition. Think how many skilled unemployed tripods there are in the world that would desire a fresh start in a world where their debt — the original sin of free markets — is washed away. My tripod owed me thousands of images, in focus, now it escaped and took all the stories with it.

What to focus on in that scenario and how?

I postulate a world where focus tools enforce the social order, introduce the thought of self- sustaining communities, based on science and tech breakthroughs, that are already viable but not used, because they would not be profitable in the current system

The tripods moving across have quite suddenly “become” the platform for human society, and our society cannot help but reflect the structure

in real life that path is not so clear…

When you have the world’s best camera after all everything starts resembling a motive.

* Collage of found unidentified Science Fiction interview

Link: Nora Schultz at Isabella Bortolozzi

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