February 6th, 2014

Yngve Holen at Modern Art

Yngve Holen at Modern Art

Artist: Yngve Holen

Venue: Modern Art, London

Exhibition Title: Original Spare Part

Date: January 10 – February 8, 2014

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Yngve Holen at Modern Art

Yngve Holen at Modern Art

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Yngve Holen, Original Ersatzteil, Original Spare Part, 2014. Laser engraved monitors, HD video, media player, roll-up banner, dome sticker. Monitors (2x55x93.5cm), banner (209.5x86x30cm).



Images courtesy of Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London

Press Release:

Modern Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Yngve Holen, Original Spare Part. This is Holen’s first show with Modern Art, and is his first solo exhibition in London.

Yngve Holen’s sculptures draw upon industrial technologies and their relationships to production engineering, problems of replaceability, the consumer experience, and the images and discourses through which all these are represented. How are consumers allowed to visualise abstruse economic or industrial processes, and how are the consumers themselves visualised? Holen investigates industries such as commercial aviation, 3D technology, consumer appliances, and food.

For this exhibition at Modern Art, Holen presents a series of sculptures comprised of scale model airliners arranged beneath folds of plastic printed with thermographic images of an empty airline cabin. Sides of meat have been scanned and 3D printed. Printed thermographic images are shown on the walls. A video made from POV footage recorded by the artist as a passenger onboard various flights is channelled on engraved HD screens.

Link: Yngve Holen at Modern Art

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