March 22nd, 2014

Brendan Fowler at LAXART

Brendan Fowler at LAXART

Artist: Brendan Fowler

Venue: LAXART, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: New Camera

Date: January 11 – February 22, 2014

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Brendan Fowler at LAXART

Brendan Fowler at LAXART

Brendan Fowler at LAXART

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Images courtesy of LAXART, Los Angeles

Press Release:

For LA><ART Brendan Fowler will present a series of new works created with a commercial industrial embroidery machine that continues Fowler’s long running engagement with photography. These works are a way to process and present personal narratives in autobiographical photographs that are then translated to sculptural objects and wall works. In Fowler’s photographic and sculptural practice, many of the procedures are similar: everyday images are captured with a camera and then subjected to various types of computer software to resize, shape and tweak the image as you would a 3-D object. Rather than a finished product emerging from an inkjet printer, the new embroidered works exist between photography, painting and sculpture. As textured impressions, Fowler treats these arrangements, made with new and old technology, as collaborative gestures that weave together a host of industrial processes. The result is threaded compositions that occasionally include the machine’s errors in layered topographies resembling a relief map.

The embroidery machine is the modern, industrialized grandchild of folk craft technique translated into practical application and then updated to serve consumer needs. By using the same machines that stitch the emblems of labor unions, sports team logos and corporate insignia onto our clothing, Fowler intervenes in an immediately recognizable method of production. He does so in order to repurpose industrial appliances for his own unique weavings. New Camera is, in a larger sense, an exhibition about the sensate world of global manufacturing that hastily adds texture and distinction to our personal effects, clothes and wares—one robotic embroidery at a time.

Link: Brendan Fowler at LAXART

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