March 12th, 2014

“Mr. I” at Graff Mourgue d’Algue

Marie Karlberg & Jeanne Graff "MARIE & JEANNE JEANNE & MARIE"

Artists: Mathis Altmann, John Armleder, Vittorio Brodmann, Philippe Decrauzat, Dewar & Gicquel, Marie Karlberg, Flora Klein, Kaiser Kraft, Blair Thurman

Venue: Graff Mourgue d’Algue, Geneva

Exhibition Title: Mr. I

Date: August 25, 2012 – February 3, 2014

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Marie Karlberg & Jeanne Graff "MARIE & JEANNE JEANNE & MARIE"

John Armleder with Blair Thurman "Change de couleur devant vos yeux"

John Armleder with Blair Thurman, Philippe Decrauzat, Kaiser Kraft "Excuse me, I've just seen you passing by, what time is it?"

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Images courtesy of Graff Mourgue d’Algue, Geneva

Press Release:


Mr. I has lived in the neighborhood forever.
He often passes by this street, thinking about what he sees, again and again.
Looking out of the window, walking into a shop, eating on a public bench.

He may loose his mind in blurry thoughts, taking the same route, again and again.
Is Mr. I blind ? He has sharp eyes and a clear vision but, sometimes, likes to live in the dark.

Mr. I is so often there than nobody sees him anymore.
Mr. I has forgotten his name and wears the same clothes every day, without really knowing why.

Mr. I wishes to be invisible.
He fills all the places he walks into.
Mr. I is here.

Link: “Mr. I” at Graff Mourgue d’Algue

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